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We can’t just sit and wait for the perfect place. Maybe one day we will synch in such a dimension that its seems to all fit perfectly, but I can’t wait for something that may never come in the way you want it to be. This will not fade beneath the wind, allow it to […]


Their time together was never wasted. Together they cured one another from their past mishaps with past lovers. He jolted a nerve in herself that made her feel more alive. She then walked away as if she never fell.     Get your perfect travel accessory for cheap now.. Click below! <a target=”_blank” href=”″><img border=”0″ […]


Take time for your soul. Take time away to new sights. Come with open eyes and discover all new places. It’s only when you step back from your surroundings do you feel new again and are able to step forward into clarity. Travel Deals, Save now: <code><a target=”_blank” href=””><img border=”0″ src=”//″ ></a><img src=”//” width=”1″ height=”1″ […]


She gets carried by the waves effortlessly, never questioning the direction of her journey. It gives her a feeling of stillness that allows her to immerse fully into the unknown.   //


Sometimes all we need is a glimpse of hope, some kind of reassurance that everything will fall into place. That even when we’ve reached our lowest points someone, or something will be there to help pick us back up again. Suffering exists, but don’t let it define the journey to your final destination.